Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Crafting...

This year I made very simple 
tree ornaments to fill in all the empty spaces (and since this is my first tree there were plenty of empty spaces). Two circles of fabric sewn together, stuffed with a little poly-fill with a simple ribbon for hanging. They've worked out great! I've hung them all over - but especially low to the ground so Eli can grab them and put them in his mouth.

Also - check out the tree skirt. Yup, did that too. Soft grey wool fabric with felt snowflakes and red accent dots. I had every intention of making the stockings too (and still may) but so far haven't found the time. I'm also making a  bunch of presents so I'll be posting them soon too. 
I'm really having a nice Christmasy Christmas (and Eli smiled with Santa this afternoon).  

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