Wednesday, May 20, 2009

great old fabric!

i found this over the weekend at the antique market in kutztown and i had to have it.  

Thursday, May 14, 2009

PA Dutch

i'm on the lookout for any fabric with a Pennsylvania Dutch feel to it - here are three of my favorites. the only problem is that i become so in love with them that i can never find a project worthy of that initial cut. 
True Up (one of my all time favorite blogs) did a great PA Dutch fabric tribute:


here we go -  all lined up and ready for the machine. my old friend used to say - "those who aren't busy being born are busy dying"... i think i'll be "bringing it all back home" with me this afternoon. (are you catching all these dylan references?" 
anyway - i'm on the attack - time to restock.

pillows - pillows - pillows

I'm obsessing over pillows these days.
I made these two with the old freezer paper trick - do you know? cut out a design on a sheet of freezer paper and iron it on to fabric. stencil and peel - it's as easy as that (and oh-so fun).